Wildfire Policies

Participation Requirements

Membership in CGC is required to participate in Wildfire. If you are not already a member of CGC, please download the Membership Application and send it along with your Wildfire application.

Unless work shown at Wildfire is 100% collaborative, each participant must have an individual membership, separate registration form, enough points to participate, and do committee work and work shifts.

Two participants may share a booth. Both will be assigned committee work and three work shifts.

Committee Work and Work Shifts

Wildfire is a cooperative show with every member doing his/her part to produce the show. Committee work and work shifts are our opportunity to participate.

Committee Work

All booth participants are required to complete committee work.

Committee chairs are responsible to contact members of their committee, assign jobs, follow up on job completion and report to Wildfire Chair and/or co-chair. Committee chairs receive points for performing their duties as chair. Committee work is assigned by the Committee Placement chair. We try to assign work to accommodate your skills, but sometimes we end up learning new skills on jobs we did not expect.

Work shifts

Work shifts are jobs completed during Wildfire.

Note on Work shifts and Committee work.

Production of Wildfire is a year-round commitment for some of our members. We hope everyone will participate as much as possible.

Full, Half and Group Booth participants are required to complete two work shifts. Failure to fulfill a work shift assignment may result in a 5% increase in commission paid to Showcase. In cases of emergency, commission penalties will be at the discretion of the Steering Committee.

Gallery Only Participants must work one work shift during Wildfire.

The Work Shift sign up form can be downloaded at this link.

All Clay Guild of the Cascades members are invited to show one piece at a time in the gallery.

At Wildfire

Artists are encouraged to be present during Wildfire. They may not employ professional representatives or agents to market their work.

Breakage During Wildfire

Wildfire does not carry insurance to cover breakage or theft. Artists are encouraged to carry their own insurance. Wildfire will only consider payment for losses due to breakage which occurs due to participants acting in the performance of official Wildfire duties, such as wrapping, sales, aisle hosting or assisting customers. Wildfire will not cover missing pots or switched or altered price tags. Should work be damaged or broken, the Steering Committee will consider net payment (price after commission) to artist. NFS pottery is not eligible for reimbursement.

Commissions and Payments

Booth fees:

Full Booth 10’ x 10’ – $140.00 plus 15% commission

Half-Booth 5’ x 10’ – $110.00 plus 15% commission
(Booth fees includes electricity.)

Gallery Only – $20.00 plus 20% commission

All Wildfire sales must go through the centralized sales system, except artist-to-artist sales and trades. Wildfire is a commission-based show so booth fees would be low enough for everyone to participate. Commission for full and half booth participants is 15%. Commission for group booth and gallery only participants is 20%.


If after being accepted into Wildfire, you need to cancel for any reason, please contact Dori Kite, dorikite@gmail.com.  If you cancel before Sept. 15th, you will receive a refund of your booth fee. (Refund checks will be mailed after Wildfire Pottery Showcase.) If you cancel on Sept. 15th. or afterward, you forfeit all fees. Even though you forfeit fees after Sept. 15th, please contact Eleanor if you cancel. This will allow someone who is on the wait list to get into the show.

Postcard / Advertising images

We create a beautiful post card and also use the images for advertizing. We would love to have current photos of your work to use in our advertising. Digital images- Only high-resolution images (1.5MB and larger) will be considered. Send the files in one of the following formats: JPG, JPEG, EPS or TIFF. Email images by June 15th to Justin LeBart, journeymanceramics@gmail.com.