Member News

Oct. 15, 2018 The Clay Guild of the Cascades is looking for a member to maintain the website starting in January 2019. Owen has done this duty for the past three years and is  stepping down at the end of the year. Anyone who has basic html skills or familiarity with WordPress will have little problem with this assignment. You will need to devote approximately 20-40 hours per year to do this – in dribs and drabs, not all at once. Please email Eleanor if you are interested.


[September, 2018] Clay guild member Lewis Rothrock has shared a short video of his new kiln in action-wow, pretty fancy!!

Jasper shows us at the March 2018 meeting that we have not fully understood that the foot pedal can be used to make pots too!

Minutes from the March 26, 2017 meeting are posted at this link.

Minutes from the Feb. 18, 2018 meeting are posted at this link.